Harvester - Safety Toe
Harvester - Safety Toe
Harvester - Safety Toe

Harvester - Safety Toe

The Harvester. Reap the rewards of a pair of boots that’s as resilient as you. At the end of the day these boots will bring you in from the fields to the porch with a smile on your face. 


  • Height - measured from the "bottom-of-foot to top-of-upper" (going up along the calf, heels not included)
  • Uppers - 8oz premium oil tanned leather
  • Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °F (available)
  • Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination
  • Insole - genuine oak tanned leather
  • Midsole -
  • genuine oak tanned leather
  • Arch support - leather
  • Sole - Vibram 430
  • Origin - handmade in the USA


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