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Ironhide is the Inlanders rouge older cousin, built to crank out the toughest jobs. armed with Fire Stitch, Steel Toe, and Met Guard. 

Made for the Welder, the Ironhide offers 100% fireproof stitching, fireproof soles, metguards and hard toes. This boot meets safety standards and is perfect for the serious welder; the ironhide incorporates the same full leather arch support and stitch down construction off all our work boots which guarantees a long lasting dependable boot, perfect for the man who spends long hours on his feet. 

MT75 Certified (MT-75)


  • Height - measured from the "bottom-of-foot to top-of-upper" (going up along the calf, heels not included)
  • Uppers - 8oz to 9oz premium oil tanned leather
  • Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °F (available)
  • Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination
  • Insole - genuine oak tanned leather
  • Midsole -  genuine oak tanned leather
  • Arch support - leather
  • Sole - Vibram
  • Origin - handmade in the USA


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