From the streets to the site, from the tower to the ditch, The Forefront is the first on scene and the last one out. Sometimes misinterpreted as the "foreman", the forefront is paired with a white Vibram christy wedge sole, it allows for all day comfort, support, and careful contact in dangerous conditions, like walking on beams. 


  • Height - 6" measured from the "bottom-of-foot to top-of-upper" (going up along the calf, heels not included)
  • Uppers - 8oz to 9oz premium oil tanned leather
  • Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °F (available)
  • Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination
  • Insole - genuine oak tanned leather
  • Midsole - 
  • genuine oak tanned leather
  • Arch support - leather
  • Sole - Vibram 4014
  • Origin - handmade in the USA


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