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Before you order

Your getting your new boots, its exciting! Congratulations. Heres a few tips to keep in mind about your new boots.

Toe room

A great comfort aspect of custom boots is that they are roomy in the toe area. Toe fingers are the most sensitive part of the foot, and the most fragile. They should not be over-compressed or jammed. Improperly fitted footwear causes many foot problems over time and require surgery to correct. So,

Your custom boots will be longer and have more room in the toe than usual. This way, your feet will be healthy. Toe jam occurs often in improperly fitted footwear, especially when walking downhill. We also account for the arch settling and toes curl up, all of which happens after the boots fully break-in. So, extra room, good.

Toe curl

When the boots are built, they are place on a mold or last which has a steel plate, and is hard. It is flat. When you receive your boots, it is that same shape. Once you begin to wear them, and walk in them. The natural curve of your foot begins to change the shape of the bottom, especially when walking, and creates a "toe curl" effect.

Arch Height

Arches are dependent on the last with which the bootmaker is using. So the arch is pre-made. This is true for any and all custom bootmakers. Adjustments can be made after the boots are complete to adjust the feel of the arch. It is indirectly adjust the height of the arch to make it higher, or lower.

Arch placement

All boots are made on solid premade, cnc machined lasts. These measurements are computerized down to the thousandth of an inch. So, the arch placement in both left and right feet will be excatly the same. So if someone says, "the arch on the left is more forward than the right". It is impossible.


Download Fitsheet
 Simple Instructions: Download Fitsheet, mail or scan with printer-only to Email Here, and wait for 1-on-1 fitting consultation with JK Boots Bootmaker

Detailed Instructions:

Indicate your size to the best of your ability. Don't know your size? Let us help!


1. Download Fitsheet Click Here print, complete, and mail to36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane, WA 99207

2. You can also scan with a printer ONLY (mobile phone apps do not work) and email to: order@jkboots.com

3. We will contact you.