Purchase, determine sizing, wait for contact according to lead times

Sizing Method

There are 5 sizing methods. Decide which one best suits you. Once you have purchased from us, we will keep your sizing forever.


1. Existing customers

a. Perfect fit: If you are an existing customer, and the fit is perfect, feel free to purchase any boot in any style at any time. We will build you any style with your personalized fit on file.

b. If you are an existing customer, and would like to make a change to your fit, simply make your special request in the notes section of the order.

2. Visit a location

If you would like the best experience to get fit, we highly suggest visiting a store to get an in person fit, where you can touch, feel, and try on boots. 

Visit a JK Boots location
Walk-in for a fitting,
stock boots available,
place custom orders,
drop off repairs
Spokane, WA
36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane WA 99207
Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm (walk-in)
Sat 10am-1pm (walk-in)
Sun (appointment)
Boise, ID
2393 W Airport Way, Boise ID 83705
Mon-Thur 9am-4pm (appointment)
Fri 9am-2pm (appointment)


Redding, CA
2653 Bechelli, Redding, CA 96002
Mon-Thur (appointment)
Fri 9am-6pm (walk-in)
Sat-Sun 9am-4pm (walki-n)


3. Own handmade boots

If you have owned handmade boots from another company, and it was relatively good, or bad, let us know. We can use that size as a reference, and build you the exact size, or make any adjustments necessary.

4. Ship Try-On boots

If you've never had handmade boots, and cannot get to a store, but still want a guaranteed fit, we highly suggest you purchase a try on boot. Here's how it works;

After you've made a boot purchase, request a "try-on boot" for an additional $50.00 

If you want to trust our try-on suggestion, send in your fitsheets and we will determine your sizing for you.

If you're confident with the size you'd like to try, tell us. There is no limit to how many try on purchases you can make. 

 5. Fitsheets only

If you cannot make it to a store, and don't want to purchase a try on boot, then you can submit your fitsheets via physical mail. If you don't want to submit them via mail, then send them via scan with a printer only, from this instructional page click here.

Here's how it works; 

Our experts will determine your suggested size based on your measurements. There is no guarantee of fitting past this point, here's why;

There are only 2 levels of fit past this point

1. Suggested sizing *the correct size based on the measurements 

2. Happy sizing *your personal preferred sizing

We can only achieve your perfect size based on your word. Everyone is so different, some want a tighter fit, others want a looser fit. Because of this, it is impossible to achieve perfection without you actually putting the boots onto your feet. 

This is why we prefer you visit a store, or purchase a try-on boot. Other wise, trust it. If you are generally an easy-going person, you should have no issues moving forward. 9 out 10 times this works flawlessly.

If you have concerns this may not be for you, please choose a purchase method that best suits your needs. 

If you understand all of these things, please click here to be taken to the fitsheets page







  1. Download Fitsheet
  2. Mail or scan with printer-only to email us here
  3. Wait for one-on-one fitting consultation with a JK Boots bootmaker


Full Instructions

Complete in 3 steps


What you’ll need:

Fitsheets, Tailors tape, #2 pencil or same thickness pen (no bumps, rubbers, or curves), Hard flat surface, Someone else to take measurements for you (recommended)

1. Tracings
(Use socks that you intend to wear with your boots). *Note: thick or wool socks pair very comfortably with custom leather boots

Place Fitsheet on hard and even surface

Stand with one foot on Fitsheet, the other foot on even surface.
- Note* stand normally with your body weight distributed evenly

Trace your entire foot
-Note *Be sure to hold pen at a 90° angle perpendicular,  straight up and down to paper while tracing. 


2. Circumference measurements

(Use socks you intend to wear with the boots.)

Sit down on a chair, relax foot on hard flat surface

Wrap tailor’s tape around the circumference of your feet and legs at indicated areas
- Note* wrap the tape snug to comfort, not too tight, not too loose
- Note* during the “ball measurement” be sure to find both inside and outside bones and wrap tape around foot in that area


3. Wall foot length measurement

1. Take off your shoes and place your heel against a wall
2. Mark then end of your toe with a pencil
3. Measure from the wall to your mark.
4. Complete for right and left, then send info via email



Mail To: 36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane WA 99207 USA *recommended method
Scan: scan with a standard printer/scanner ONLY (do not use mobile phone apps or pictures) and email to size@jkboots.com
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