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Custom Build

  1. Visit "Build your Boots" to customize your boots

  2. Add to cart, send fitsheet, visit "Understanding Lead Times"

    Detailed Instructions

    1. Visit "Build your Boots" page, and customize your boots

    2. Complete checkout process

    3. Download and complete "Fitsheet instructions here"

    4. Wait for 1-on-1 consultation with JK Boots Bootmaker 


    *First time ordering? Visit our post about "How are custom boots supposed to feel?" and educate yourself about Custom Boots

      Download Fitsheet
       Simple Instructions: Download Fitsheet, mail or scan with printer-only to Email Here, and wait for 1-on-1 fitting consultation with JK Boots Bootmaker

      Detailed Instructions:

      Indicate your size to the best of your ability. Don't know your size? Let us help!


      1. Download Fitsheet Click Here print, complete, and mail to36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane, WA 99207

      2. You can also scan with a printer ONLY (mobile phone apps do not work) and email to: order@jkboots.com

      3. We will contact you.