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Boot Options



Height (of uppers)

Boot heights are measured from top of midsole to top of upper. Similarly, measuring from the bottom of your foot and going up will produce the same measurement. This does not include the the boot heel height.

 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18"



Everyone wears their soles differently. Similar to that of tires, each sole has an advantage above the rest. Choose your sole wisely, but, don't stress, you can always change it during your next resole.

Tread Style Rubber Composition Stiffness Use



100 Standard Regular General, Hiking 10 General, Construction, Hiking
100 RedX Stiff
General, Hiking
10 *Wildland NFPA, *Mechanic
100 Honey Soft
General, Hiking, Roofers
9 General, Forestry, Roofers, Polished Concrete
100 WhiteX Extra Soft
General, Hiking
8 *Wildland NFPA, *Cold Weather
430 Standard Regular General, Farm 8 *Oil Resistant, Farm, Dirt, Casual, General, 
Vbar Standard Regular General, Riding 9 *Oil Resistant, Riding, Cowboy, Casual, 
132 Standard Regular
General, Hiking
General, Construction, Hiking
132 Honey Soft General, Hiking 9
General, Forestry, Polished Concrete
4014 White Cristy Softest Indoor concrete, Casual 7
General, Polished concrete, Iron worker

*Ratings are compiled of both official and non-official customer reviewed feedback.

*Symbol next to rating indicates official rating


*Improperly fit composite or steel toe boots are not returnable nor warranted. Its always a risk, so be sure to be prepared in case it happens!

 Type Use Cons
Regular Any None
Composite ASTM-2412 Bulky, "Clown Shoe" appearance, "Toe Jam" or "Toe Rub" is not warranted 
Steel ASTM-2412 Cold, 
"Toe Jam" or "Toe Rub" is not warranted 
MetGuard MT-75 Require composite or steel toe, 
"Toe Jam" or "Toe Rub" is not warranted 


Leather Side

Finished boot leather has two sides. The first, is a smooth side. The other, is a rough side. During the boot building process, it is possible to use either side of the leather to build the boots.

 Type Purpose Appearance Use Cons
Rough Out Protects against scratches Bottom is rough, uppers are smooth Hiking, Forestry, Excavation, Mechanic, None
Smooth Polished Bottoms are smooth, uppers are smooth General, Office Scratches
Full Rough Out Unspecified Bottom is rough, uppers are rough None Additional Cost












  1. Download Fitsheet
  2. Mail or scan with printer-only to email us here
  3. Wait for one-on-one fitting consultation with a JK Boots bootmaker


Full Instructions

Complete in 3 steps


What you’ll need:

Fitsheets, Tailors tape, #2 pencil or same thickness pen (no bumps, rubbers, or curves), Hard flat surface, Someone else to take measurements for you (recommended)

1. Tracings
(Use socks that you intend to wear with your boots). *Note: thick or wool socks pair very comfortably with custom leather boots

Place Fitsheet on hard and even surface

Stand with one foot on Fitsheet, the other foot on even surface.
- Note* stand normally with your body weight distributed evenly

Trace your entire foot
-Note *Be sure to hold pen at a 90° angle perpendicular,  straight up and down to paper while tracing. 


2. Circumference measurements

(Use socks you intend to wear with the boots.)

Sit down on a chair, relax foot on hard flat surface

Wrap tailor’s tape around the circumference of your feet and legs at indicated areas
- Note* wrap the tape snug to comfort, not too tight, not too loose
- Note* during the “ball measurement” be sure to find both inside and outside bones and wrap tape around foot in that area


3. Wall foot length measurement

1. Take off your shoes and place your heel against a wall
2. Mark then end of your toe with a pencil
3. Measure from the wall to your mark.
4. Complete for right and left, then send info via email



Mail To: 36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane WA 99207 USA *recommended method
Scan: scan with a standard printer/scanner ONLY (do not use mobile phone apps or pictures) and email to size@jkboots.com
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