Lead Times

*All current lead times are delayed by 2-3 weeks

New Pairs

  1. Regular is approximately 7 weeks (no charge)
  2. Expedited is approximately 3 weeks ($75.00)
  3. Xtra rush is approximately 2 weeks ($100.00)


  1. Regular is approximately 6 weeks (no charge)
  2. Expedited is approximately 3 weeks ($75.00)
  3. Xtra Rush is approximately 2 weeks ($100.00)


  1. Regular is approximately 14 days (no charge)
  2. Expedited is 7 days ($25.00)
  3. Xtra Rush is 3 days ($50.00)
  4. Fast Xtra Rush is 1 day ($75.00) be sure to call 



  • All lead times are approximate only
  • If manufacturing gets pushed out further, all lines are affected, not only yours in particular
  • Shipping takes an additional 2-3 business days depending on location
  • All lead times begin after: size confirmation, or  boots are received for repairs (Understand size confirmation: JK has received your fitsheet, and you have had a 1 on 1 fit consultation with a JK Boots Bootmaker)
  • Any modifications, warranty, adjustments, to finished product, after they have been completed, will be done at same lead time originally chosen
  • Pricing is for lead time only, price of items or service is not included


    Download Fitsheet
     Simple Instructions: Download Fitsheet, mail or scan with printer-only to Email Here, and wait for 1-on-1 fitting consultation with JK Boots Bootmaker

    Detailed Instructions:

    Indicate your size to the best of your ability. Don't know your size? Let us help!


    1. Download Fitsheet Click Here print, complete, and mail to36 E Wellesley Ave. Spokane, WA 99207

    2. You can also scan with a printer ONLY (mobile phone apps do not work) and email to: order@jkboots.com

    3. We will contact you.