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The American

JK Boots

What we envision would have built America, our classic, the best all purpose, all terrain, up a tree, in a ditch, over the mountain, through the forest, across the desert, in the truck, at the job site, around the house, pair of boots you'll ever own.



Build your custom boots. Choose your options. See what you like, what you don't understand, read up on our product description page.



Height - 10 inch high from "midsole to top of upper" (heels not included)

Uppers - 8oz to 9oz oil tanned premium leather

Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °

Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination

Insole - genuine oak tanned leather

Midsole - genuine oak tanned leather

Arch support - leather

Sole - 100 log

Maintenance - rebuildable and resolable 

Origin - handmade in the USA

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