Our Story

 "We do things differently here, we are your bootmakers"
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Our founder John Khadzhi started his career in his teenage years when he became an apprentice cobbler in a nearby town overseas where he grew up. He excelled quickly in his craft and knowledge of handbuilding boots. In 1994, while in his late twenties, he moved to the Pacific Northwest bringing along his skills, honesty, and craftsmanship. He has been building boots ever since.

​Earning a high reputation, John began his own boot company, "JK Boots". His sons William, Tim, and Jason Khadzhi grew up in Spokane, WA. All three are now bootmakers working together. JK Boots is a family owned and operated business. They have made a name for themselves amongst firefighters, loggers, welders, farmers, and the like, all throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Natalie Khadzhi, wife of John, is a professional seamstress working out of the same building. She has over 25 years of experience and maintains a very high reputation among the local Spokane WA community