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"my wife and I both just ordered our third pair

These boots are built like tanks and will not let you down. Well worth the cost especially if you work on your feet all day. After a long day and you get home the last thing on your mind is taking these boots off. Before JK that was my first priority but now it’s the last thing I think about. I cannot say enough about JK. Buy a pair you WILL NOT REGRET IT." – pkfrisko29

Amazing service. Tim is really a passionate guy, ready for anything I needed. Bought a pair of customs in style of their North. Easy size sheet, took JK about three weeks to build (...) All ready to go!

Groningen, Netherlands

As a wildland firefighter, I need the best boots I can get. After a month of wearing JK's, I can say they’re the most comfortable logger boot I’ve worn. They’re very well made, tough, yet comfortable. They’re a family-owned business that is legit. They’re friendly and professional. Great experience and great boots. Highly recommend.

Enait, WA

Needs more stars!!! I'm a lifelong woodsman and I'm on my feet all day every day. (...) My boots are flawless in every way. After having them on for 15 minutes and letting them warm through it feels like I've had them for years. I expected quality and fit for the money but had no idea the level that this family business can take the craft to. CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Cornwall, Canada

These boots are the most comfortable and durable boots I’ve ever worn! The customer service at JK Boots is truly unmatched!! They are extremely helpful with any questions you have! Great family-run business! (...) The craftsmanship and quality are that of the highest standard! I don’t think I will ever buy another brand of boots again! I couldn’t be happier with these boots! Thank you JK Boots!!!! You guys have a customer for life.

Sequim, WA

JK boots is second to none when it comes to quality and customer service. In my line of work, I tend to be real hard on boots, my boots from JK have stood up to the test. Not only was the fit perfect out of the box, but the process In building them was easy and completely custom. (...) Customer service and the quality of their boots is impossible to beat.

Spring Creek, NV

If you are looking for a tailored experience and quality, genuine leather boots, look no further than JK boots. I just walked in to their on-site location here in Spokane, WA and I must say the customer service was spot on. Tim walked me through all the product possibilities and was very straightforward to communicate with. And the boots just felt amazing! I have never had an experience with a shoe like that where it feels comfortable the moment you stand up. Also, not only do they measure length but also have multiple width sizes as well (which is great when you have narrow feet). Bravo JK boots!

Los Angeles, CA
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