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Whether you're looking for advice for the best tools in your trade, inspiration in your most difficult seasons, or just a good laugh, you'll find something you love in each episode.

the podcast

Tune in to listen to long-form conversations hosted by JK Boots' owner, Tim Khadzhi, with friends and guests including notable creators, tradesmen, and entrepreneurs, and the like--highlighting their stories, and the principles behind their life and achievements–both their successes and failures.

We are excited to share with you all the grit and passion behind starting our family business and what wearing handcrafted boots means for tradesmen around the country that are building a better tomorrow. Each episode will feature guests who are experts in their field, and we'll be discussing everything from business to craftsmanship, and life principles to family.

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episode 1

Life behind a hammer | Esteemed teacher and seasoned artisan Essential Craftsman, Scott Wadsworth, gave us a tour of his shop and let us pick his brain about his journey and the challenges and rewards of mastering a centuries old craft in a world of automation.

From carpentry to blacksmithing, his Youtube channel focusses on passing on the skills and history of craftsmanship to generations around the world. Click the link below to hear our discussion on trade-work, family, and principles of life.

episode 2

In this episode, we will dive into the real world of boots and business as we sit down with renowned boot journalist, William Barton, the founder of BootSpy.com.
Since the very beginning, William has dedicated BootSpy as a space that delivers honest and unbiased content about the boot world with his extensive knowledge and personal experiences.

Join us as we spend some time discussing origin stories, business principles, the creative process, “the human touch”, and the ins and outs of boot journalism. So, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and immerse yourself in an authentic and honest boot experience.

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