Easy Sizing

Finding your size is super simple! If you are new to JK boots, get ready for an incredible boot experience. Take a couple minutes and follow the steps below to find your JK size. Keep in mind that the quality of the materials and construction of our boots is one of a kind, which means your boots will form to your feet over time, eliminating small sizing differences. So really you can't mess this up.

step 1

Grab a standard U.S. inch ruler and lay it on the ground up against a completely flat 90 degree surface (avoid baseboards!), with the zero marker starting at the wall

step 2

 Stand with one foot directly on the ruler, with your heel against the wall (at the 0” end of the ruler) and your toes pointing away from the wall

step 3

With weight on your foot, read the tick mark where your longest toe is at, to the nearest quarter of an inch. 

step 4

Input your foot length (in inches) into the size calculator below and follow the prompts to get your recommended size. Note, our lasts run bigger than some brands, so the size provided below may be a smaller number than you are accustomed to, and that is perfectly fine!

Questions? Watch the sizing video here

Find My Size

Our Sizing is Different!

Ex. Joe has worn a size 10 his whole adult life but in JK size he might be an 8.

What does this mean?

Standard refers to about a thumb's width of space between your foot and the end of the boot.

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What Should I expect?

JK's handmade leather boots are unlike anything you have put on your feet before. Because we use the highest quality materials and construction, your boots will form to your feet over time, for the perfect fit.

Your boots may feel a little stiff or strange at first, and that is completely normal. The leather will settle to your feet: stretching, where there is tightness, and shrinking up where there is extra room. The insoles will form to your arches and toes, and the boots will soften and mold to your foot and calf.

Wear with a good pair of socks, trust the break in process, and enjoy a whole new level of footwear!

• Sizing is all about what feels good on your feet, so once you have measured your foot and input that into the sizing calculator, then you can select the desired toe room (roomy, standard, or snug). 

•Our "standard" toe room is based off of what we typically recommend–giving you about a thumb's width of space between your toe and the end of the boot. This leaves plenty of room for your foot as the leather settles, and shrinks back (curling the toes slightly) over time. With that in mind, everyone is different. You know your feet best, and should pick what sounds good to you, like if you know you have sensitive toes, go with a roomy fit, or if you prefer less material up front, than go with the snug fit. 

Our boots are built to provide incredible support and comfort for extended periods of time, almost like a firm handshake. We have three widths to choose from (narrow, average, and wide), so simply select what sounds right.