Warranty policy

JK's Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our fault, we fix it. Within 1 year of purchasing our boots, if something is truly defective with the boots because of defective materials, then we will fix this at our cost. 


1. Click Here to send Warranty Claim email and determine eligibility. Please allow 2-7 days for a response.

    • To be Eligible for an R/A form, customers must;
      • Complete Warranty Claim email correctly with clear photos
      • Submit within one year of original order delivery
      • Be approved by JK Boots to continue

2. Eligible orders will be sent an R/A form so that we may evaluate the items.

    • Warranty has not yet been approved
    • By issuing an R/A form we commit to evaluate the items only
    • We are not liable for items until they have been delivered to us
3. Include R/A form, and shipping receipt inside the box.
      • Warranty claims without an R/A form will be rejected and may be disposed of
    4. Ship Warranty Claim to JK Headquarters 10220 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley WA 99206.
      • JK Stores stores are not able to assist or inspect warranty claims. Any warranty claims must be shipped directly to Headquarters
    5. Decision
    • Upon approval; 
      1. Items are sent to service department
      2. Once completed, items are shipped back to the return address
      • There are no additional costs to customer, except for; *An address change which requires full payment of shipping charges only
      • Original return shipping will be refunded according to customers shipping receipt. Only ground, standard mail, or equal value rates will be refunded. Any other rates including but not limited to; overnight, second-day air, express, etc, will not be refunded.
    • Upon denial of warranty;
      • You will be sent a letter of explanation, including options; 
        • Request items be sent back to original return address (return shipping will not be refunded), or, 
        • Reroute items to repair department after standard purchase of repairs including shipping
    Limited Exclusions 
    • Mistakes in specifications;
      • Eligible for warranty if in new, and unaccepted condition
      • Ineligible if items have been accepted; worn outside, oiled, or modified in any way


    • Improper fit; eligible JK Boots can be exchanged, or rebuilt at normal cost
    • The “feel” of the boots. We use heavy duty quality materials that you may not be used to. See our support page to troubleshoot ways to ease the break in. 
    • Boot aesthetics - please check pictures, on product pages, social media, other images, and in store models, before placing orders. Custom options are ordered at your risk.
    • Wear and tear; including wear holes, snags, scuffs, and worn stitching.
    • Failure to properly maintain the product, including cleaning, leather conditioning, and proper drying.
    • Heel kick off; improperly removing footwear causing damage and de-lamination to back of the midsole, outsole, heel base, and heel cap areas.
    • Any Modifications or alterations done to product other than JK Boots void eligibility for any warranty repair.
    • Environmental Damage: accidents, chemicals, other events
    • Use of Safety Toe after considerable impact has been sustained. Take care at your own risk. Safety Toe boots should not continue to be used after serious impact because safety toe may be damaged or shattered depending on impact.
    • Cuts, damages, or abrasions resulting from neglect, accidents, abuse, misuse, or from any other than normal use or ordinary use of the product.
    • Leather drying, cracking, splitting caused by poor leather conditioning
    • Leather drying, cracking, splitting caused by drying boots for an extended period of time near an open fire, or, high hvac heat. 
    • Leather drying, cracking, splitting caused by "kicking feet up" next to an open fire for an extended period of time.
    • Natural leather blemishes, or other normal imperfections caused by the handcrafted nature of JK Boots.
    • Misuse of boots:
      • Soaking in body of water like a hot tub (break in)
      • Leaving by a fire all night long to dry them out
      • Any improper use of boots/negligent use

    Past this point, customers are fully responsible for making the boots last. A combination of fresh socks, proper oiling, proper cleaning/drying, and outside conditions, must be maintained in order to increase longevity.