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Why JK boots?

Our lowest end boot, starts at a higher quality than any other boot. That's how hard we work for our guys, countless overtime hours, bending over backwards, that's our standard of excellence.

"Its a valid question. I've been buying boots for way cheaper, I buy them right off the shelf, and never thought twice about it. There's a few things to consider with your boots when it comes to work that your missing out on, and actually hurting yourself in the process not knowing of a better way. Lets start with the first way you are hurting yourself; starting with comfort; keep reading till "financially" and you will be surprised.

Comfort - Bad fit with pain vs. Perfect fit with comfort Consider your feet, which are irreplaceable, and have a $$$ value which any person would struggle to put a number on. Your feet might be miserable, and its unnecessary. You have the option of a perfect fitting pair of boots made to measure, take it.

Quality - You get what you pay for? Not really The overall structure of the boot, is a high quality product. It feels good, looks good, works good. Its not flimsy, and you have peace of mind knowing you can rely on them, everyday.

Financially - $1.90/day vs. 55 cents/day In 5 years, you are spending $2500.00 instead of $729.00 with JK.

Hygiene - Bad smell vs JK
Investing in a high quality product is well worth it.