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Build your Boots

The highest quality build and materials on the planet, and we've got the construction workers, smokejumpers, hotshots, hand crews, loggers, and linemen to prove it. Boots on the ground speak louder than its marketing techniques.



Height - 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20"  measured from the "bottom-of-foot to top-of-upper" (going up along the calf, heels not included)

Uppers - 8oz premium oil tanned leather Smooth or Roughout 

Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °F (available)

Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination

Insole - genuine oak tanned leather

Midsole - genuine oak tanned leather

Arch support - leather

Sole - vibram

Origin - handmade in the USA


Oil "to the touch" not too much, not too little (on average once every two months)

Do not oil hardware, insoles, or outsole edges

Avoid high heat drying, of resting boots near fire place 

Avoid over oiling (this can rot the leather)

New soles "based on wear", don't pass the rubber on average once every 2 years

Rebuild "based on leather structure" on average once every 3 years


Build your custom boots. Learn all about options; click here boot options


    *Important: build to measure boots are non refundable as they are made specifically for you, and we cannot resell your boots


      • Best option: Try on boots

      Trying on boots is the best option and the most recommended option because it has the highest rate of success. If you can get your feet into a pair of boots, you will know exactly what to expect and be confident about your sizing.

      - In-store try on boots: Click Here to Visit a Location to get fit in person. 

      - Mailed try-on boots: Click here to send us Fitsheets so we can to figure out your size, and send you a pair to try-on so you can confirm the size. This is a great option, trust that we will select the size exactly according to the measurements you send us. There will be a return label included inside the box, use this when you are sending them back. The extra charge takes care of shipping to and from.




      • Next best option: Build to measure

      We can build according to your measurments. This requires you send us fitsheets. This is a great option, trust that we will make the boots exactly according to the measurements you send us. Make sure to do a good job during your measurements, and be willing to work with them, as build to measure boots are non refundable.

      *Important: we are not responsible for improper measurements or personal fitting preferences. We build exactly according to the measurements. 

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