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The highest quality build and materials on the planet, and we've got the construction workers, smokejumpers, hotshots, hand crews, loggers, and linemen to prove it. Boots on the ground speak louder than its marketing techniques.


Height - measured from the "bottom-of-foot to top-of-upper" (going up along the calf, heels not included)

Uppers - 8oz to 9oz premium oil tanned leather

Thread - high strength, Technora® fire resistant over 900 °F (available)

Hardware - traditional high quality eyelets and speed hook combination

Insole - genuine oak tanned leather

Midsole - genuine oak tanned leather

Arch support - leather

Sole - vibram

Origin - handmade in the USA

Maintenance - oil "to the touch" average once every two months, resole "based on wear" don't pass the rubber average once every 2 years, rebuild "based on leather structure"  average once every 3 years

Style and Sizing

Boot Options

Build your custom boots. Learn all about our boot options, and sizing method.


  • In store fitting is the best option and the most recommended option because it has the highest rate of success. You can get your feet into a pair of boots, know exactly what to expect, and be confident about your sizing. We have multiple locations where you can visit a JK Boots specialist and get sized correctly.


  • Out of store mailed try-on service is the next best option. You will get a chance to try on boots and be sure about your sizing. You can choose to either tell us which size to send to you, or, we can suggest a size for you according to the exact measurements you send here fitsheets (click here) (NOTE: We will use the exact measurements you provide to suggest a size for you.) There is an extra charge which covers shipping to and from. We will include a return label inside the box. Make sure you do not wear the boots outside, or, apply any oil to them. Them must remain in brand new condition. 


  • Build to measure means you will download, print, fill out, and send fitsheets to us. This is a great option, but not always recommended. You are risking that they will not feel exactly how you expect. Many people have all kinds of different expectations for feel, comfort, tightness, that it's impossible for us to know exactly how you expect the boots to feel. If you select this option, trust that we will build the boots exactly according to your measurements. We urge you to try to make them work through a combination of oil application, break-in time, stretching, a variation of sock thickness, and/or insole liners. If for any reason they are not what you expect, unfortunately they are non refundable because they are custom sized for your feet only.


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Do not send files here. Ask questions or send comments to or Call 509-487-0154


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